Face Recognition Machine


This device has a rich facial library and can accurately recognize faces. It also has IC/ID/NFC card swiping function. And we support customized temperature measurement functions, QR code recognition, fingerprint and palm prints, etc.

About Fisja

FACTORY First-class production and quality control technology , as well as extremely high delivery efficiency ,make us a leader in the industry
TEAM The professional R&D team can overcome various technical problems and innovate continuously
WAREHOUSE Create first-class product quality with first-class corporate culture
WORKSHOPA Must wear uniform work protective clothing, comply with the work rules of the workshop, and have precise working instruments

Company Strength Label

Based on advanced technology, reliable quality, scientific management, perfect service and innovative spirit, Fisja has become more professional.
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Participating in various exhibitions is conducive to increasing popularity, and at the same time can quickly improve experience and learn from peers' excellent experience.


Our product quality is guaranteed, and we have all kinds of authoritative certificates, providing consumers with important consideration standards and confidence guarantees.

Packing and Shipping

We support various transportation methods such as DHL and FedEx, with short delivery and transportation times. We also support various payment methods such as PayPal and TT.