Face Recognition Solves Access Control and Attendance Management

With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology has gradually penetrated into all aspects of our lives. As one of the important components of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition technology has played a great role in ensuring social security and improving the convenience of life. Face recognition terminal, as a smart device applying face recognition technology, is rapidly becoming a popular product in the market.

Face recognition terminal is a smart device that realizes identity recognition by analyzing and comparing face image information, and has a wide range of applications in security, government affairs, education, medical care, smart office and public services. With the help of face recognition, identity can be verified quickly and efficiently, and the efficiency of witness comparison can be improved; at the same time, the management mode in scenarios such as access control, attendance, and countersignature can be improved, and the accuracy and efficiency of attendance and access control management can be greatly improved.

The face recognition terminal can be linked with the access control gate, and the "face" can be used instead of the card to realize the automatic opening of the gate access control. For example, in some stations, high-speed rail stations, and airports that require real-name identity verification, face recognition terminals or face recognition access control terminals can identify passengers by scanning their faces, saving the trouble of finding ID cards and improving traffic efficiency . In some high-end office buildings or building scenarios, by integrating the function of the face recognition terminal into the gate, the face information can be quickly entered, and the user can pass by by swiping the face, which can solve the problems of the user forgetting or losing the key access control card, and realize the realization of enterprise, office Multi-scenario access control such as venues and community security management.

Face recognition terminals can also be used in schools, governments, enterprises and institutions. Face recognition intelligent terminals can automatically capture face information by means of face long-distance detection, and can quickly identify face information. Combined with the school or company's attendance management system, it can quickly generate attendance records, which not only improves the work efficiency of attendance , It can also ensure that personnel go to work and attend classes on time.

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